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AIDA Europe was established in 2007 as a non-profit organization with the aim of promoting, either directly or through its members, the development of insurance and related law. It attempts to achieve this, mainly through

  • furtherance of the study and knowledge of international and national insurance law and of related matters as well as
  • proposition of measures aiming at the harmonisation of insurance law or the means for resolution of insurance disputes.
  • facilitation of exchange of academic knowhow between its Members or any other European organization dealing with insurance related matters, similar to those of AIDA Europe
  • support of academic work in the field of insurance, e.g. through cooperation with universities or the sponsoring of academic research and papers.

AIDA Europe organizes conferences which offer a platform for an open and solution minded dialogue on key developments in the area of insurance, reinsurance and related law also supporting its members in their respective endeavours. Conferences are open to all stakeholders and are indeed attracting representatives from all areas such as the insurance sector, academia, private practice, regulatory authorities or the law making. AIDA Europe also maintains a keen focus on supporting the development of young academic talents by sponsoring academic work and by inviting young academics to its conferences.

AIDA Europe Conferences represent a unique platform as they are also combined with the working meetings of the AIDA Working Parties. Click here for details of Working Parties

The inaugural conference of AIDA Europe was held in Hamburg in May 2008 with the most recent conference having taken place in Warsaw on 12 & 13 April 2018. To access all documentation of this conference please refer to the Document Repository.




Save the Date

The 8th AIDA Europe Conference will take place on 3 & 4 October 2019 at the premises of the Gulbenkian Foundation - in Lisbon / Portugal

The event will be dedicated to the following main theme:

"Landfall of the Tech Storm" - How Technology is changing client interaction - Legal issues in distribution, claims and insurance services & other key developments in insurance and reinsurance (an AIDA Europe Event)

The conference theme "Landfall of the Tech Storm" focuses on the impact of technology upon the insurance industry and the changing client interaction, discussing the legal issues in distribution, claims and insurance services which technology is bringing. A special focus of the conference will also be issues related to insurance distribution (incl. the new EU Insurance Distribution Directive 2018. This has been the subject of an AIDA Europe Call for Papers, the results of which will also be featuring in the up-coming conference.

Further relevant topics for the Lisbon Conference include Artificial Intelligence in insurance business; Autonomous vehicles and the EU law where the particular ADIA Working Party covering this topic has entered into a cooperation with ASTIN (the International Actuarial Association); Issues on the international insurance programs, including Brexit and Hot-topics on the legal and regulatory front, currently facing the industry. Furthermore, a number of AIDA Working Parties have announced their presence in Lisbon addressing conference matching but also non-matching topics.

The conference will also follow the developments since the last AIDA Europe Conference in Warsaw and look at the developments on matters debated in Warsaw, notably the InsurTech related developments and a progress review on the project of Principles of Reinsurance Contract Law (PRICL) .

Sponsors of the 8th AIDA Europe Conference




Documentation of past conferences can be found under "Past Events".

AIDA Europe is grateful for the annual sponsorship of the French Federation of Insurance Societies (FFSA) and the Deutscher Verein fur Versicherungswissenschaft (DVfVW) as well as any other sponsors supporting individual events.




AIDA Europe is registered as a Tax-Exempt Organization (for charitable purposes) under Reg-Nr. J000201636, and is resident in Zurich/Switzerland. See the AIDA Europe – Tax Residence Certificate and Certificate of Tax Exemption HERE