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The International Association for Insurance Law, a non-profit making international association, whose headquarters are located at Calle 54A N° 5-19, Bogota, Colombia, hereinafter AIDA; represented by its President, Professor Dr. Carlos Ignacio JARAMILLO J.




DES in Insurance Law and Economics from Lovain’s Catholic University Law School, whose headquarters are located at Place Montesquieu 2, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, hereinafter DES; represented by its President, Professor Bernard DUBUISSON




Whereas AIDA was founded in Luxembourg on 28th April 1690, and groups up more than fifty National Associations and Institutions dedicated to the scientific study of Insurance Law.


Whereas AIDA is a non-profit making international association of unlimited duration for the purpose of promoting and developing, at an international level, collaboration among its members, as well as increasing the study and knowledge of international and national insurance law and of related matters. 


Whereas DES in Insurance Law and Economics is a specialized academic program from Lovain’s Catholic University Law School, directed by its obligations department.  Founded in 1961, DES has been one of the first specialized programs on this area in Europe and the rest of the world.  Its originality consists in offering an inter-disciplinary approach to the different, economic, financial and mathematics issues involving insurance.


Whereas DES in Insurance Law and Economics is an active research, gathering, and contact center for the insurance market; as well as an important source for numerous and prestigious publications (articles, monographic works, colloquia minutes).


Whereas AIDA and DES pursue a common objective, which is to promote the study and development of Insurance Law.


Therefore, the parties have decided to undertake this cooperation convention, which will be part of a network of agreements that AIDA wishes to conclude with other Universities.




AIDA and DES shall regularly inform each other of their research and other scientific activities that they organize.  The parties will exchange activities reports and publications.




The parties will analyze the possibility of extending this convention to other institutions that pursue similar study and research goals.




The parties will analyze the possibility of mutually or separately organizing collective research, seminars and colloquia, which could include joint publications, with other members of the network that is being created.




The parties shall examine the possibility of exchanging professors or AIDA members, and will share their experience regarding the forming of DES students.




The present convention will be widely diffused by the parties and posted on their websites.




AIDA’s and DES’ Presidents will be responsible for the execution of this agreement.



Signed in Louvain-la-Neuve on 4th December 2003




Prof. Dr. C. Jaramillo                Prof. B. Dubuisson

AIDA President                          DES President