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For details of all current and future events and activities of AIDA and of all its constituent parts go to, the new AIDA website launched on 2 July 2019 to replace this website

This website may no longer be updated, but can be accessed to provide information and materials from past events and activities until these are fully migrated to the new website.


AIDA is a non-profit making international association, formed in 1960, for the purpose of promoting and developing at an international level, collaboration between its members with a view to increasing the study and knowledge of international and national insurance law and related matters. It is AIDA’s aim to propose measures with a view to the insurance industry adopting them at a national and international level, leading to harmonisation of insurance law or means for resolution of insurance disputes.


AIDA organises a World Congress once every four years, arranged by one (or more) of its National Chapters. Relevant papers and documents are consequently published. When considered useful, AIDA participates in international meetings such as conferences and symposia, co-operating with the other bodies involved. AIDA issues periodicals reporting on the association’s activities, including updates on National Section and Working Party activities, and developments in insurance law from around the world. An example of such a publication is AIDA Mail, the electronic newsletter of AIDA which is produced once every four months.  Furthermore, AIDA has an interest in forming Working Parties and alliances with relevant institutions, including educational institutions, with the aim of researching and collaborating knowledge concerning insurance law and related matters, on an international and national level.


Members are required to collaborate in the implementation of AIDA’s aims and, in particular, to prepare reports for the World Congresses and communicate, at least once a year, information on the development of insurance law in their own countries.


A Presidential Council defines AIDA’s working programme at an international level. The Presidential Council is composed of the President, Honorary Presidents, up to four Vice-Presidents, the Chairmen of the Working Parties and a maximum of 25 councillors. Members of the Presidential Council are elected for a term of four years, except for the Honorary Presidents. Generally, the President may be re-elected once (twice in exceptional circumstances). The Presidential Council is elected by the General Assembly, which endeavours to achieve fair geographical and linguistic representation on the Council. The Presidential Council generally meets twice a year where possible. Their meetings are organised to coincide with meetings of the Working Parties, often at a colloquium organised by a National Chapter.


AIDA’s membership is made up of National Chapters - nationally organised insurance law associations which are members of AIDA, the parent organisation. AIDA does not have individual members; those who are interested in the work of AIDA are encouraged to join the relevant National Chapter. A full list of National Chapters, including contact details and website links (where relevant) is available in the National Chapters page of this website. Where no National Chapter exists, an approach for recognition of a relevant organisation by AIDA can be made to the Presidential Council through the secretariat at


There are regional groupings of AIDA - CILA (Spanish, South and Central American regional grouping - ( and AIDA Europe (European grouping) - see the AIDA Europe section of this website.

The Presidential Council has established a number of Working Parties to carry out research in specific fields of insurance law and related areas. Working Parties are active in the following areas of insurance law: Accumulation of Claims and Subrogation; Civil Liability; Climate Change; Consumer Protection and Dispute Resolution; Credit Insurance and Surety; Distribution of Insurance; Marine Insurance; Motor Insurance;  New Technologies Prevention and Insurance; Personal Insurance and Pensions; Reinsurance and State Supervision of Insurance.

The official languages of AIDA are English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. However, event organisers are permitted to limit the number of official languages used. AIDA colloquia and Working Party meetings are often organised with simultaneous interpretation facilities to enable participation in several languages.


Under the presidency of John Butler (1992 - 2000) the AIDA Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Service (ARIAS) was established by AIDA and the AIDA by-laws amended. ARIAS UK and ARIAS Europe are Affiliated Chapters to AIDA. Information with regard to different ARIAS Chapters can be found on the Useful Links section of this website.


The AIDA by-laws can be viewed by clicking on the By-laws section in this website.