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XII AIDA World Congress, Buenos Aires

The AIDA XII World Congress was held in Buenos Aires from 16 to 20 October 2006. This was the first time that a World Congress has taken place in South America. Over 600 representatives from 55 countries attended.

The themes discussed during the Congress were: "Insurance, Reinsurance and the Impact of Terrorism"; and "The Influence of Scientific and Technological Innovations on Personal Insurance."

The general reporters for the first theme were Professors Jerome Kullmann (France) and Robert Merkin (UK). Panel members - Ana García Barona (Spain), Colin V.Croly (UK), Alejandro Venegas Franco ( Colombia) and Michael Gill (Australia), joined the discussions.

The reporters for the second theme were Professors Eduardo Mangialardi, Norberto Pantanali and Enrique J. Quintana (Argentina). The panel members were Joaquín Alarcón Fidalgo (Spain), Jean Bigot (France), Agostino Gambino (Italy) and Ioannis Rokas (Greece).

Both Spanish and English versions of each General Report from the World Congress 2006 can be downloaded from the AIDA Website.