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1. Argentina
Reporter: Martin Zapiola Guerrico

2. Australia
Reporter: Hayley Stubbings

3. Austria
Reporter: Kerstin Keltner

4. Belgium
Reporter: Kris Bernauw

5. Bolivia - English - Spanish
Reporter: Héctor Ponce de Leon V

6. Brazil
Reporter: Gloria Faria

7. Chile
Reporters: Mario Demoz and Luis Sandoval

8. Colombia
Reporter: Patricia Jaramillo Salgado

9. Denmark
Reporter: Jens Peter Fabricius

10. Finland
Reporter: Matti Sjögren

11. Germany
Reporter: Christian Armbrüster

12. Greece
Reporters: Harris Sinodinos and Mira Todorovic-Symeonides

13. Israel
Reporter: Sigal Schlimoff

14. Italy
Reporters: Sara Landini and Alberto Gambino

15. Mexico
Reporters: Yves Hayaux du Tilly, Luciano Perez and Juan Pablo Sainz

16. New Zealand
Reporter: Nick Mereu

17. Peru
Reporter: Carlos Behr

18. Poland
Reporter: Katarzyna Malinowska

19. Portugal
Reporter: Margarida Lima Rego

20. Russia
Reporters: Sergey Prilepko and Dmitry Gruzintsev

21. Singapore
Reporter: ElaineTay

22. South Africa
Reporters: Daleen Millard and Dr Samantha Huneberg

23. Taiwan
Reporter: Fan Chiang-Ku

24: Turkey
Reporter: Aysegul Bugra

25: Uruguay
Reporter: Andrea Signorino

26: UK
Reporters: Nigel Brook, Helen Bourne, Mark Hemsted