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Time and Name of Session / Led By Documentation
Thursday 12 April 2018  

Conference Opening

Christian Felderer, Chairman AIDA Europe

Conference Opening - Christian Felderer

Key Note: Stephen T. O'Hearn, Leader of the PwC Global Insurance Practice

Addressing Tranformational Change: The Agenda of the Global Insurance CEO

Plenary Session - How New Technologies are Re-shaping the Insurance Field

Rolf Staub

Insurtech Legal and Regulatory Challenges - Courtney Bowman,

Swiss Car Insurance Start-Up - Patrick Eugster

Cyber Risk - A Risk on the Rise - Maya Bundt

Cyber Risk - Legal Challenges - Dr Caroline Bell

InsurTech and Young Academics & Professionals (valuation of papers / prizes) - Abstracts

Prof. Pierpaolo Marano / Dr. Kyriaki Noussia

Smart Contracts in Insurance - Angelo Borselli
Compulsory Robot Liability Insurance: The Way Forward? - Dr. Aysegül Bugra

Personalized Insurance Contracts and Insurance Contract Law? A Primer on the Potential and Limits of Personalizing Insurance Relationships - Piotr Tereszkiewicz

A New Era, a New Risk! - Dr. Julia Constantino Chagas Lessa & Dr. Belma Bulut

Breakout Session 1 - Technology and Industry Cooperation: Looking Ahead

Rupert Nebauer / Pirmin Stalder

Legal Aspects of Smart Contracts - Eva Maria Barbosa

B3i - What are the Benefits for the Insurance Industry - Ken Marke

Use of Semantic Analytics for Contract Certainty - Thomas Blanz-Gilbert

Your Operating Model Needs an Update. Digital Transformation in InsurTech - Stefan Gössel

Breakout Session  2 - Assessing New Liabilities

Prof Sara Landini / Prof Robert Koch

Liability in case of Automated Choice - Prof Sara Landini

Assessing new liabilities: How to cover new liabilities? A liability insurer's View - Marco Visser

Liability in Space and Space-Related Activity - Dr Katarzyna Malinowska

New Media: Liabilities and Insurance Coverage - Massimo F Dotto

Breakout Session 3 - Calibrating the Regulatory Approach on New Technologies

Prof Pierpaolo Marano / Dr Gunne Baehr

Calibrating the Regulatory Approach on New Technologies - Dr Monica Mächler

New Technologies and Regulation in Insurance - View from "New" Europe - Miroslav Singer

Calibrating the Regulatory Approach on New Technologies - Nic de Maesschalck

EIOPA's InsurTech Activities - Fausto Parente

Customer/Policyholder Protection Viewed Against the NAIC Model Acts - Leo P Martinez

Breakout Session 4 - Principles of Reinsurance Contract Law (PRICL)

Prof Helmut Heiss / Prof Rob Merkin

PRICL Table of Contents and PRICL Scandinavian Studies in Law Vol 64 - Prof Helmut Heiss

Interaction of the PRICL with Reinsurance Standard Clauses - Jorge Angell

PRICL: Cedant Perspectives - Lari Kuitunen

Friday 13 April 2018  

Plenary Session - How does InsurTech/Technology change the Lawyer’s professional lives?

Tina Walton

Adapt or Perish - Technology, globalization, liberalization - how to survive the second wave - Dr Bruno Mascello

IT Tools - Threats to Legal Departments - Pawel Stykowski

Hot Topics/Key Developments

Peggy Sharon

The General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679 - GDPR) - Victoria Chatzara

The Insurance Distribution Directive and its transposition into Danish Law - Charlotte Hasseriis Iverson

IDD - the Polish Perspective - Anna Tarasiuk

Legal and Regulatory Implications of Brexit for the Insurance Industry - Steven McEwan

What a Fuss for 7 Billion Euros or the Great Escape... of insured borrowers - Prof Jerome Kullmann

Session 1 - Reinsurance Working Party & Climate and Catastrophic Events Working Party (joint Meeting) - The role and requirements of reinsurance in addressing potentially greater future catastrophe losses

Jorge Angell / Tim Hardy

Challenges for Reinsurers and Governments in Risk-Sharing Catastrophe Perils - Francisco Javier Zabala

A Short Review of the Impact of Technology on Insurance - Rich Traub

Reinsurance & Climate Change - Challenges & Contributions - Shivaun Moreno

Polish perspective - State support in Flood Loss coverage and role of prevention - Paper - Presentation - Prof Dorota Masniak

Mercosur Report - Drought in the Mercosur Region - English - Spanish

Session 2 - In-House Counsel Committee - Short presentation of recent activities, followed by an interactive discussion on In-house counsel legal best practices and legal agenda

Rupert Nebauer / Pirmin Stalder / Diego Manzetti

Provision of legal services in the future - put into context: Trends, digitalization, procurement and customer orientation - Dr Bruno Mascello

Session 3 - Distribution of Insurance Products Working Party & General Principles of Insurance Law Working Party (Joint Meeting) -  Part I - Issues arising from the implementation of the IDD

Prof Pierpaolo Marano / Dr Kyriaki Noussia

IDD - State of Affairs - Nic de Maesschalck

Issues Arising from the Implementation of the IDD - Arthur Hilliard

Customer/Policyholder Protection Viewed against the NAIC Model Acts - Leo P Martinez

Session 4 - Distribution of Insurance Products Working Party & General Principles of Insurance Law Working Party (Joint Meeting) - Part II - Challenges to the IDD from new technologies

Prof Pierpaolo Marano / Dr Kyriaki Noussia

Pre-Contractual Duties of Information in light of the IDD - Mr Bruno Caeiro

Personal Data, any other data and the insurance contract and the connection with the IDD - Ms Ines Oliveira Martins

Insurance in today’s sharing economy: a contract law analysis - the IDD impact - Prof Dr Margarida Lima Rego

Privacy Issues Associated with Telematics and Usage-Based Insurance and Compliance Issues under IDD and data Protection Directive - Prof Kuan-Chun Johnny Chang

Session 5 - Motor Liability Working Party & Dispute Resolution Working Party (Joint Meeting) - "After Dieselgate" (Impact from litigation and ADR on claims brought against VW by individuals or regulators)

Prof Sara Landini / Chris Rodd

After Dieselgate - An Australian Perspective - Chris Rodd

After Dieselgate - the situation in Italy (part 1) - Roberta Montinaro

After Dieselgate - the situation in Italy (part 2) - Ilaria Garaci

After Dieselgate - the situation in Israel - Ronit Warshai